since 1953
machines to produce
disposable GLOVES
other SHAPES

is a complete line for making flowersleeves at high speed.

Sleeves  can be made from PE, CPP or BOPP films up to mm 1000 wide. 
The motor-driven   unwind unit includes two expanding shafts, each with an automatic tension control  unit, and cutting wheels for lengthwise perforation (tear-off).

Film proceeds from the unwind unit through a central structure that carries the photocell and optional accessories such as  bottom sealing units; then it goes on under the sealing head. The two sealing electrodes are constantly heated and kept at the same temperature.  Their position can easily be modified for making  flowersleeves or triangular bags in a wide range of sizes.
Advancement of  film  and movement of the sealing head are controlled by two servomotors that assure precision and high speed.
Bags  are expelled in couples that are stacked very precisely on the end unit, and welded together by hot pins.
On reaching the pre-set number of strokes the machine stops briefly to allow the pneumatic pincers to take the bags out. The stop is very short because  pincers are programmed so that they are already in position before the stack is completed. The machine resumes production immediately.

Bags are delivered two at the time, lightly connected to each other. 
After grabbing the double stack the pincers bring it under the punching unit that can perform on the top edge one, two or three hot  punches so that the stacks can be hung.
The double stack is then  automatically brought under  a separating unit that pulls apart the two sets of bags, and places each one on the two conveyor belts that take them out of the machine.

Both the hot punching unit and the automatic separator can be switched off whenever they are not needed.

All settings and control parameters are displayed on a touch screen that allows a user-friendly control of each operation.
Average output of the FlowerTop line is 7200 bags per hour.